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Saturday, April 14, 2007

Hillary said she would never go on Imus, and for good reason.

Here is a juicy tid bit on why she would not go on, let alone probably never be invited on.

From the May 24 edition of MSNBC's Imus in the Morning:
IMUS: Senator Chris Dodd [D-CT] is going to run for the presidency. He's going to come on this morning.
McGUIRK: Great.
IMUS: And he's the kind of Democrat -- Dodd is -- he's the kind of Democrat that actually Bernard and Charles like.
McCORD: Very much so.
McGUIRK: He's a great man.
IMUS: So --
McGUIRK: I'd go drinking with him.
McCORD: Absolutely. I don't know if I'd vote for him but he's a terrific guy.
IMUS: As long as -- why wouldn't you vote for him?
McCORD: I don't know. I haven't assessed all the candidates.
McGUIRK: You got to see his platform.
McCORD: Sure.
IMUS: Right.
IMUS: As long as he doesn't go around the country and patronize everybody like Satan is doing, Hillary, or some of these other people, then -
McGUIRK: He's a wonderful guy.
IMUS: Keeping it real.
McGUIRK: Yeah.
IMUS: If he keeps it, you know, he's -- he's a formidable candidate.
McGUIRK: Yes, he is.
MIKE BARNICLE (columnist for the Boston Herald and the New York Daily News): I can guarantee you this: He will be the only candidate on either side of the isle who travels each day carrying on his person a copy of the United States Constitution and a pair of rosary beads. That's the truth.
IMUS: If he's -- if he goes around the country and says what he thinks and doesn't do what that buck-tooth witch Satan, Hillary Clinton, is doing and patronize everybody on the planet or some -- or these other folks -- I mean, is Al Gore thinking about running?
BARNICLE: Yes, he is.
IMUS: Oh, God! Oh, God! Please. Please.
McCORD: Yeah. In fact, that's part of [New York Times columnist] Maureen's [Dowd] column this morning, isn't it?
McCORD: Mr. Gore and Hillary.
BARNICLE: That's -- that's -- you want that. You want that.
McCORD: And how they're both vying for the attentions of President Clinton.
BARNICLE: Right. And they both despise one another.
McCORD: Yeah.
BARNICLE: And the two of them despise him, President Clinton. This is what we want. This is what we're looking for.
IMUS: Let's talk to Andrea and see what she thinks. Good morning, Andrea?
MITCHELL: Good morning. How are you guys?
IMUS: Fine, baby, how are you doing?
MITCHELL: OK. I don't know how you're going to pick between Al Gore and Hillary Clinton. I mean, that's -- that's tough.
IMUS: You mean, whose Satan?
MITCHELL: I thought you were supporting them both.
IMUS: No, I'm not supporting them both.
IMUS: They're evil people. You're supporting them both. I'm not.
MITCHELL: Oh right, that's [Sen.] Joe Biden [D-DE] and Chris Dodd.
IMUS: You and the rest of your liberal weenie friends.
MITCHELL: No, it's Chris Dodd and Joe Biden that are your -- your favorites. I keep getting confused. Not that you ever switch.
IMUS: No, she is a -- she is a -- Oh, God! She is evil.
IMUS: She is -- Lance Morrow wrote a book about her. She is the personification of evil.
MITCHELL: She just chose the week of Al Gore's movie and book launch to come out with her first big speech on the environment.
IMUS: Well, he's --
MITCHELL: I don't -- I just don't understand why you and Maureen and everybody else are so suspicious. What's the matter? Charles --
IMUS: He's the phoniest bastard on the planet -- Al Gore. What a horrid human being. Anyway, but we have good people --
MITCHELL: There's a more horrid person than any of the favored politicians in your -- you know -- pantheon and that is Osama bin Laden out with his new tape.
IMUS: She's worse than he is.
MITCHELL: No way. Come on.
McCORD: Now, wait a minute.
IMUS: Well, that's a little strong.
From the May 22 edition of MSNBC's Imus in the Morning:
IMUS: But I mean, to ruin their careers and hang them [the Dixie Chicks] for it doesn't -- I mean, then I'd be out -- if that were the case, I wouldn't have a job based on stuff I've said. Would I, Charles?
McCORD: Probably not.
McCORD: I mean, this is --
McGUIRK: Unless you kept saying it.
IMUS: Well, I --
McGUIRK: You know, before you get paroled, you have to admit that you did something wrong and you're -- you're sorry for it.
IMUS: I never admitted it when I went down there and got in all that big jam, insulting Bill Clinton and his fat ugly wife, Satan. Did I? Did I ever say I was sorry for that?

No wonder the pant suit lesbo came out against Imus-

Did John Kerry turn on him yet?


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