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Saturday, April 14, 2007

The only way to get rid of despicable dems in NJ is to run em off the road.

Witness Bobby Juska said he saw Corzine's feet hanging out the passenger side window. "He was screaming, 'My leg! My leg!" Juska said.
The governor's thigh bone was broken in two places, and it stuck out through his skin. He also suffered a broken breastbone, 12 broken ribs, a head laceration and a minor fracture on a lower vertebra, according to doctors at Cooper University Hospital in Camden, where he was flown by helicopter after the crash!

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! Could not have happened to a nicer guy. Not wearing a seatbelt? BWAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

12 ribs? I love it!!

Hey Corzine.... How about that pension fund!! BWAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!

If only a red pick up would take out McGreevy as he comes out of a Garden State Parkway rest stop with DNA all over his chin.

To the dude in the red pick up. NICE WORK!!!

Hillary said she would never go on Imus, and for good reason.

Here is a juicy tid bit on why she would not go on, let alone probably never be invited on.

From the May 24 edition of MSNBC's Imus in the Morning:
IMUS: Senator Chris Dodd [D-CT] is going to run for the presidency. He's going to come on this morning.
McGUIRK: Great.
IMUS: And he's the kind of Democrat -- Dodd is -- he's the kind of Democrat that actually Bernard and Charles like.
McCORD: Very much so.
McGUIRK: He's a great man.
IMUS: So --
McGUIRK: I'd go drinking with him.
McCORD: Absolutely. I don't know if I'd vote for him but he's a terrific guy.
IMUS: As long as -- why wouldn't you vote for him?
McCORD: I don't know. I haven't assessed all the candidates.
McGUIRK: You got to see his platform.
McCORD: Sure.
IMUS: Right.
IMUS: As long as he doesn't go around the country and patronize everybody like Satan is doing, Hillary, or some of these other people, then -
McGUIRK: He's a wonderful guy.
IMUS: Keeping it real.
McGUIRK: Yeah.
IMUS: If he keeps it, you know, he's -- he's a formidable candidate.
McGUIRK: Yes, he is.
MIKE BARNICLE (columnist for the Boston Herald and the New York Daily News): I can guarantee you this: He will be the only candidate on either side of the isle who travels each day carrying on his person a copy of the United States Constitution and a pair of rosary beads. That's the truth.
IMUS: If he's -- if he goes around the country and says what he thinks and doesn't do what that buck-tooth witch Satan, Hillary Clinton, is doing and patronize everybody on the planet or some -- or these other folks -- I mean, is Al Gore thinking about running?
BARNICLE: Yes, he is.
IMUS: Oh, God! Oh, God! Please. Please.
McCORD: Yeah. In fact, that's part of [New York Times columnist] Maureen's [Dowd] column this morning, isn't it?
McCORD: Mr. Gore and Hillary.
BARNICLE: That's -- that's -- you want that. You want that.
McCORD: And how they're both vying for the attentions of President Clinton.
BARNICLE: Right. And they both despise one another.
McCORD: Yeah.
BARNICLE: And the two of them despise him, President Clinton. This is what we want. This is what we're looking for.
IMUS: Let's talk to Andrea and see what she thinks. Good morning, Andrea?
MITCHELL: Good morning. How are you guys?
IMUS: Fine, baby, how are you doing?
MITCHELL: OK. I don't know how you're going to pick between Al Gore and Hillary Clinton. I mean, that's -- that's tough.
IMUS: You mean, whose Satan?
MITCHELL: I thought you were supporting them both.
IMUS: No, I'm not supporting them both.
IMUS: They're evil people. You're supporting them both. I'm not.
MITCHELL: Oh right, that's [Sen.] Joe Biden [D-DE] and Chris Dodd.
IMUS: You and the rest of your liberal weenie friends.
MITCHELL: No, it's Chris Dodd and Joe Biden that are your -- your favorites. I keep getting confused. Not that you ever switch.
IMUS: No, she is a -- she is a -- Oh, God! She is evil.
IMUS: She is -- Lance Morrow wrote a book about her. She is the personification of evil.
MITCHELL: She just chose the week of Al Gore's movie and book launch to come out with her first big speech on the environment.
IMUS: Well, he's --
MITCHELL: I don't -- I just don't understand why you and Maureen and everybody else are so suspicious. What's the matter? Charles --
IMUS: He's the phoniest bastard on the planet -- Al Gore. What a horrid human being. Anyway, but we have good people --
MITCHELL: There's a more horrid person than any of the favored politicians in your -- you know -- pantheon and that is Osama bin Laden out with his new tape.
IMUS: She's worse than he is.
MITCHELL: No way. Come on.
McCORD: Now, wait a minute.
IMUS: Well, that's a little strong.
From the May 22 edition of MSNBC's Imus in the Morning:
IMUS: But I mean, to ruin their careers and hang them [the Dixie Chicks] for it doesn't -- I mean, then I'd be out -- if that were the case, I wouldn't have a job based on stuff I've said. Would I, Charles?
McCORD: Probably not.
McCORD: I mean, this is --
McGUIRK: Unless you kept saying it.
IMUS: Well, I --
McGUIRK: You know, before you get paroled, you have to admit that you did something wrong and you're -- you're sorry for it.
IMUS: I never admitted it when I went down there and got in all that big jam, insulting Bill Clinton and his fat ugly wife, Satan. Did I? Did I ever say I was sorry for that?

No wonder the pant suit lesbo came out against Imus-

Did John Kerry turn on him yet?