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Sunday, June 22, 2008

You see, the duck was not expecting to get poked by that there dog Yall hear now.

This is how Obama Mama will get us. He will lull us into a false sense of security. Dogs don't fuck no Ducks no how. Then we the duck will not give Obama the dog another thought.
Then when we are looking the other way, up walks Obama the dog and plants his red radar right in our a-hole.
Always pay attention to the dog. He fully intends to fuck the duck.

Monday, June 02, 2008

Word on the street is Michelle Obama really does hate white people.

Michelle Obama has a video out with Calipso Louie in which she rants against the White Man. Only trouble is, Republicans have it and will not let us see it until maybe, very very end of August.


Hillary rips open pant suit, whips out her 8 inch penis and says, Obama, You gunna pay my bills now YaHear!

DANG! She is one cold bitch.

So according to this one fella that I link to, the Hildebeast is only staying in so that she can force Osama to pay off her mega 40m debt.

Just like a Clinton eh?

Why Ted Kennedy? Why can't Hillary get the brain tumor?

Friday, May 30, 2008

Shame he didn't rape that cat instead.... I hate cats!,0,6273499.story

Apparently, some young fella decided rather than whack one out or drop some roofies in the dirty girls beer.............he would lure the family pet German Sheppard into his room and bang it one in the butt.

Dear Sweet ever loving Jesus. The kid poked his own dog in the ass. That just ain't right.

Smart kid that he is, taped the entire love connection and somehow it got out.

Judge said he and his mama can't have any pets no how.

Mama protested that she didn't know he wus fukin the dang dag now y'all.

Now if he had raped the cat, you could at least call that pussy. I can live with that. But fu*kin your pet? Mans Best Friend? They did not sign on for that no how no way.

Dog says, I will lick your nasty feet. eat your scraps, chase the ball but you are not fu&King me in the ass. Nope. Not part of the mans best friend deal.

Kid must be part liberal.

According to Uber Coward John Kerry, pre 911, we were at peace.

No mention of the multi attacks against this nation by AQ. The Cole, 93 WTC bombings, Khobar Towers, Embassy Bombings, Y2K many others?

What does it take to smack a liberal into reality? I think an AQ would have to saw the head off of Ted Kennedy on Oprah and then perhaps, perform a female genital mutilation on Dr. Phil.

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

RAMBUS: Something Smells in Virginia and it is Judge Payne

THE FILTHY REPORT by Filthy Mooolah.: Rambus: Something Smells in Virginia

this is quite an old post however, it may become news yet again...................Soooooon!!!!!!

George Bush and the Buddy Check

I was talking with one of the lesser mullahs at work today and he mentioned he was leaving his tent this weekend to hit Best Buy to pick up a freakin sweet 32 inch lcd tv. Now, I know this little bugger makes less than a fluff boy in a camel porn movie and I asked him where he got the coin for such a rockin purchase.

His answer-

Georger Walker Fuckin Bush.

Stimu-latin the economahhhhhh!!!

Amen Brother Bush.

If this little hair lipped mullah spends his buddy check at Best Buy, then the plan is working.

God Bless my man George Bush.